#Activ Complements Franchise Owner’s Existing Skills

As a former computer programmer working for merchant banks, Jackie Ogle was keen to find a franchise opportunity which complemented her existing IT skills before committing to franchising.

After looking for about three years and finding nothing which appealed to her, she happened upon franchise business Activ Web Design while searching the internet. Jackie, who is based in London, launched her Activ franchise in February and now has territories in postcodes W4, W5 and W13 as well as recently acquiring post codes W7 and NW10.

She said: “I had always been used to working for major PLCs but took a four year break to look after my children.

“Rather than go back to working for a large business I wanted to find an alternative way of using my IT skills and experience and to essentially work for myself. As it’s an IT-based venture, Activ suited my objectives well and the business is now gradually taking off. “So far I’ve built websites for a dental laboratory, jewellery maker, builder, plumber, notary public and truffle maker to name but a few and have received some glowing testimonials from grateful customers, all of which is most rewarding.”

As someone who is new to franchising, Jackie has also found the guidance offered by Activ’s directors Simon Rickett and Dillon Boivin very helpful.

She added: “The Activ head office team have been most supportive and have helped iron out issues as and when they have arisen. “Simon Rickett and Dillon Boivin are always available and open to suggestions from franchise owners.

“I quite like the fact that Activ is a relatively new company so in effect we are learning together as the business grows and evolves.” Like several other Activ franchise owners, Jackie has found that networking has played a significant part in her success to date.

She said: “I’m a member of networking group BNI and Athena, the business women’s networking organisation, both of which have assisted me to make useful contacts and find new leads. I’ve also advertised via the internet and in local business directories.”

While valuing the   many years’ experience she has gained working for major organisations, Jackie who is 48, is glad she decided to take the plunge and change direction.

She said: “The culture is very different in big businesses so it’s very different working for myself. Having taken four years off work then launching the  Activ franchise  I cannot imagine working for anyone else again as I enjoy the freedom and independence that  franchising offers. My friends and family have been extremely supportive and my daughters are now in their teens so don’t need me around as much.  I can choose the hours I work to some extent and at my age I’m even more determined to strive harder and ensure the business works for me. I’m securing more new clients as well as more leads as a result of recommendations and am looking forward to exploring further opportunities in new territories as I gradually take on more post code areas.”