Are you looking for a new family member? Perhaps you are not sure you have the time to toilet train or puppy proof the house?  Maybe you are not ready for chewed shoes or sleepless nights? Then why not consider adopting an older dog?

Why adopt a Senior Pet?

Senior dogs make loving, attentive, and compassionate companions. Their personalities are developed and settled, and they certainly know how to give cuddles! Being adult also means that their likes and dislikes are already known, along with their suitability for homes with (or without) children or other animals; so, they can be hand-picked to fit straight into your family as if they had been there all their life! They have unconditional love to give and often make the best loyal friends and companions.

Why do they need a new home?

There are many reasons why senior dogs become available for re-homing; it may be due to owner allergies, a death in the family, an older owner going into a home, a new baby, or perhaps a change in work schedule – along with plenty of other life-changing realities. It’s important to remember that it is rarely the animal’s fault directly. Senior dogs need loving homes just as badly as their younger counterparts so please give them a chance! Most senior dogs are more relaxed and less demanding than younger ones and, even though their energy levels are lower, they usually still enjoy regular strolls and play time - just at a slower pace! 

When is a dog classed as being senior?

Thanks to Veterinary and nutritional developments, dogs are living much longer than previously. A dog may be classed as senior from 7 years old (5 for larger breeds and 9 for smaller breeds) and may live up to 14-15 years old!. To give the best possible care for your senior pet it is advisable to increase you Veterinary appointments to twice a year as these visits can help to detect and treat problems or illness early. 


Because senior dogs are likely to be less active, they may start developing joint problems such as arthritis and/or weakened immune systems. Feeding a complete, balanced food that has been specifically formulated for senior dogs is highly recommended in order to support their changing nutritional needs and to overcome any age-related difficulties.

Here at OSCAR Pet Foods, we strongly recommend OSCAR Adult Care Complete Pinnacle Plus; a turkey and rice diet for senior dogs with all the benefits listed below. 

Owning and caring for a senior dog can be such a fulfilling experience.  If you are considering re-homing a senior dog contact rescue centres such as Wood Green Animal Shelter, Dog Trust, Battersea or the RSPCA is a good place to start.  The staff will be able to match the right dog for your home and lifestyle.


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