Christmas is a time for family and friends and those of us with pets want our furry friends to be able to join in and enjoy the festivities.

While planning your Christmas list why not make all your pets' Christmas wishes come true. Take a look at the great range of OSCAR toys and treats to help distract their attention from what will be on your table or under the Christmas tree – don't forget they can usually sniff out what's been wrapped up!

Ask your local OSCAR Nutritional Advisor and be spoilt for choice. From Christmas stockings and chews to treat packs for cats and dogs, toys ranging from giggling Ralph to Daphne duck, or our Frosty Snowman rope teaser and much, much more – it's all there!

Considering your pets' safety and wellbeing, we ask that you take time to stop and think how the extra fun of Christmas could become a hazard to an inquisitive mind. Surrounded by a variety of distractions, the excitement may lead direct to the 'vet's grotto' and no caring pet owner will want that to happen during the season of goodwill.

  • The Christmas tree forms the focal point of adventure, with its pine needles, flashing lights, tinsel, decorations, gift-wrapped presents and chocolate treats. Balloons, party poppers, crackers - the list goes on, so be prepared for one thing leading to another. Make sure that they can't get tangled up in the extra electrical wires leading to the tree.
  • Feeding treats is a useful way to make them feel relaxed and comfortable, but excitement may get the better of them when visitors arrive and they too need to join in the treats game and help calm the situation. Nervous, elderly and poorly pets will not want their routine interrupted so extra attention is a must. However, should you wish to give your pets a Christmas dinner the OSCAR Helpline recommends some turkey breast with vegetables and gravy, as long as the gravy does not contain onions or added salt.
  • Try to avoid feeding leftovers from your plate - everyone understands how the splintering of turkey bones can lead to internal damage. Onions in stuffing can be toxic and sausages in bacon are salty and fatty. Rich foods are also high in fat and while cheese and mince pies are irresistible, flatulence and diarrhoea leading to pancreatitis is a worry.
  • Another worry is human grade chocolate; it's seriously toxic and may cause arrhythmia. Did you know that ingestion of grapes, raisins or sultanas could cause renal failure? Beware of fruitcake! And to be a total spoil sport you should avoid feeding your pets nuts, which can cause paralysis, while fruits with pips in, such as clementines, can be poisonous.
  • If you are thinking of having a party you must make sure the garden is secure and the doors are shut – and even better, providing a den for your pet to escape into is a really good solution. Your pet will also have a favourite place, maybe under the table, behind the sofa or under your bed. It will be a great retreat to have its bedding tucked away in order to feel extra safe.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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