##All Roads Lead To Premier Sport For Former Police Officer
Premier Education Group is excited to welcome former Police Officer, Simon Gibbons to the [Premier Sport](/archive/premier-sport/premier-sport-franchise.php) network.

Along with five other new franchisees, Gibbons has just completed the rigorous induction process at PEG Training Academy and will now launch his franchise in Grimsby, North Lincolnshire.

Gibbons is a Business Management graduate and, for the last 12 years, he has been a Police Officer for the Humberside Constabulary. The geographic area which Gibbons has been operating within is one of the busiest and most challenging in the UK in terms of crime rates and social economic issues. Gibbons has witnessed firsthand the negative effect on children’s well-being by not having the opportunities to experience regular activity and structured play.

Following his decision to choose Premier, Gibbons commented: “My experiences in the Police force have been very rewarding, and when combined with my passion for sport, and ambition to run my own successful business, the opportunities offered by taking on a Premier Sport franchise is a perfect fit. I welcome the new challenges that this opportunity will offer especially in terms of trying to make a positive impact on many lives at an early stage of their development.”

It is a sign of Gibbons’ passion to help develop young people through education that he volunteered one day a week at a local school, assisting in the delivery of mathematics to 11-16 year olds. All this was achieved whilst undertaking his challenging role in the Police force.

Gibbons came along to a Premier Education Group Discovery Day in February 2015 and due to his demanding work shifts, the recruitment process and completion of the business planning stage needed to fit in with Simon’s available time. Gibbons had additional support with the completion of his business plan as his wife Kerrie is a qualified Accountant.

Gibbons regularly plays cricket for a local team and is an avid sports fan and loves nothing better than watching rugby or cricket, in fact any sport on TV! He is not a bad chef as well. Phil Gaffer, Premier`s Business Development Director, confirmed that when he visited Gibbons` home, before their meeting, Gibbons served up a local favourite - home cooked fish and chips.

We wish Simon every success and welcome to Premier Education Group.