#All Trades Network - A Company You Can Rely On

All Trades Network is pleased to announce that they have exceeded all expectations, recording a bumper year for instructions provided to the Network during 2012. During the year, we allocated almost £6 million of new work to our franchise network.

Added to this, work generated through the efforts of the individual franchisees in their respective territories and you can see the potential.

Having established a reputation within the insurance industry as a business that performs, All Trades is now in demand from property professionals such as Facility Managers, Letting Agents, Insurance Brokers and Commercial Agents looking for a reliable quality provider for all their property needs.

Services such as:
• Insurance related re-instatement works after an insured event
• A full validation and repudiation service to the insurance industry
• Property maintenance and repairs
• General home improvements
• A full repair, maintenance and refresh for property professionals such as letting agents
• Project management of works on behalf of facility management companies.

As a progressive company we are always looking at introducing new services to meet our client demand, and therefore need to recruit new franchisees to ensure our client service levels are maintained and exceeded.