#All Trades Network Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Now celebrating its tenth year, All Trades Network continues to thrive in these difficult times, which has been reflected in the record number of instructions provided to its franchised network for the third quarter of 2012.

The franchise division of All Trades Network was established in 2005 to maximise the companies potential from its well-established company operation, which now boasts over 35 regional offices strategically located within mainland UK.

With this expansion has come diversity from All Trades core business – that of providing a first class re-instatement service for some of the most recognised insurers within the industry. All Trades are now utilising their skills and the company network to provide additional services to both the industry and property owners alike.

As well as servicing the insurance re-instatement sector we are now providing the following: validation and repudiation, surveying of property for re-instatement purposes, full repair, maintenance and refresh for property professionals such as Letting Agents and project management of works on behalf of facility management companies.