#Another First for Maid2Clean - Professionalising The Domestic Cleaning Industry With MaidVersity

Maid2Clean is delighted to be working with Pat O’Mara, the Chief Education and Accreditation Officer for The British Institute of Cleaning Science in an exciting project of helping to professionalise the domestic cleaning industry.

This exciting project aims to provide domestic cleaners with an opportunity to increase their cleaning competences with a Maid2Clean recognized qualification in domestic cleaning.

“The programme is unique in many ways”’ (commented Mike Hanrahan) “Not only is Maid2Clean the first company in the sector to offer this type of training on this scale but our intention is to make online leaning available to thousands of our cleaners who are interested in developing their house cleaning skills further.”

The intention of the qualification is to incorporate a number of training modules such as:

  • Health and safety

  • Security

  • Best practice cleaning

  • Best practice ironing

“Maid2Clean is delighted to be working with a lady of the caliber of Pat O’Mara who is providing input to the domestic cleaning qualification. Her knowledge and input is greatly appreciated.”

Jodie Buckley is one of the Maid2Clean Managers appointed to work on the project. “The British Institute of Cleaning Sciences has recognized the huge potential scale of training needs in the domestic cleaning industry. To be working on such a leading edge training and development project is a privilege. Whilst it’s hard work, we all recognised the importance of staying ahead of the other players in the domestic cleaning market. We are looking forward to having thousands of our Maid2Clean cleaners become graduates of the MaidVersity program.” Stated Jodie.

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