Antal continues its strong expansion with 3 more offices

Antal International continues its strong expansion by opening 3 more offices in May: one in the United Kingdom, one in France and one in Portugal. The latest induction finished on 3 June 2016 and was held in the Antal headquarters in London. It was also a great opportunity for some existing owners, Nausherwan Akram and Imo Etuk, to join the training held by Stephen Sweeney as a refresher and to meet their new colleagues. Paulo Nogueira, new franchisee in Portugal was sadly unable to join the class in London but he was part on an online training held by Stephen.

The new owners, introduced to you below, will launch businesses around the globe in different sectors such as Hospitality, Construction, Design, Real Estate, Engineering, Automotive and Accounting.

Doug Bugie, Antal Network's President, has over 31 years of experience and 10 years at Antal. Doug and his team have helped hundreds of new owners to open in 40+ countries. Our executive team has collectively 200 years of experience which can help you build a strong, profitable enterprise.

Doug says: “We are recognized as the leading franchised opportunity in global recruitment and as an exceptional international recruitment business in our own right. Becoming an Antal owner can be a very rewarding and stimulating experience, it puts you squarely in the action in the global business arena. It is fun and will stretch you. We are a proven business, awarded Top Entrepreneur in the UK by Ernst & Young and number one globally by our industry peers. In major markets like China, India, Western and Eastern Europe, we are market leaders not as a franchise, but as a recruitment business.

"We are seeking owners who are smart, can communicate, are passionate about professionalism and who want to earn a lot of money."

Laurent Solomé - Tarbes, France

Laurent grew up in a family passionate about the mountain, managing different major ski resorts in the Alps as well as the Pyreneans. Laurent has an engineering degree and started his career in the automotive industry before going back to his first love and managing several ski resorts. He helped build up, renovate and revive number of resorts and increase their turnover noticeably.

In his latest roles, Laurent was a Business Development Manager, generally in charge of Public Private Partnerships Contracts and ambassador within elected people.

Laurent is passionate about history, literature & politics and is vice-mayor of the town he lives in.

Paulo Nogueira – Porto, Portugal

Paulo started his professional career in 1987 as a project manager for a large industrial and real estate group active in multisector from services to shopping malls and tourism development. For several years, he was involved in the management of projects of panel board factories, environmental projects, shopping malls, hotels and resorts in Europe.

Paulo also managed a building products division of a major wood products manufacturer with responsibilities from product development to distribution and sales.

He took the challenge to move to North America, Canada and then the United States of America, to establish a new business in these markets. Paulo transitioned after a few years to start a new business in North and Central America for another European headquarter company in the ecological building and design products.

Returning to Europe after more than a decade working and living near Washington DC , Paulo started a new composites company, that earned him an entrepreneurship award from the Association of MBA's (London, 2104). He also managed several companies related to the furniture, FF&E, project management of Hotels interior design.

Paulo has a Civil Engineer degree and an MBA. He also has certifications in SSBB, PE and LEED.

Nosakhare Esan – London, UK

Nosa is a chartered accountant with solid practical insight in international financial reporting, accounting, process improvements and re-engineering, financial intermediation and advisory services.

Nosa has made an excellent career in the oil & gas industry as well as in the banking sectors in Nigeria and the UK. Her focus is to apply her skills and expertise further in making unique business successes in the near future.

We wish all new owners a very warm welcome and wish them all the best.