#Auditel - A Professional, Established and Proven Business

Bracknell-based Vik Panchal worked within the Legal and Financial sectors for many years dealing with both SMEs and Global organisations. He provided tailor-made business solutions and services in line with their exacting requirements. This valuable experience and knowledge enabled him to identify opportunities and provide innovative solutions for lowering and managing their overheads. The Auditel Cost Management model fitted his expertise exactly and he joined their network last month.

Vik recalls his first impressions of Auditel: “Auditel is a professional, established and proven business. Prior to my commitment, I was impressed with their Head Office staff and the Affiliates I spoke to. The calibre of all the people is very high.”

Vik’s ethos is adding value and building long-lasting business relationships. “I have used a consultative approach with all my former clients by developing a strong rapport and fully understanding their requirements. This method allowed me to deliver and implement ideal solutions successfully and on time, resulting in significant savings. I anticipate being a valuable management resource to organisations across many sectors!”

Asked about the training, Vik said: “Superb. Very engaging, informative, well-structured and professionally delivered!”

Edward Brewer, Auditel’s Franchise Development Director, added: “Vik is just one of a number of new franchisees from the financial and banking sectors joining Auditel. Some have arrived after a redundancy situation but there are many seeking a new career path who have not come across franchising. We call franchising, ‘supported self-employment’ or ‘being in business for yourself but not by yourself’. After all, this is a £13 billion industry, employing over half a million people and the latest bfa/NatWest franchise survey indicates 91% of franchisees are profitable. So, if you want to learn about franchising and something about our franchise, do attend one of our free Discovery Seminars. We would be very pleased to meet you!”