#Autosheen’s acquisition announced by Farcela

Surface finishing products manufacturer Farcela has announced it’s acquisition of Autosheen, which is a franchise in mobile car valet services. Farcela’s wide range of valeting products, insider information, as well as tips and tricks of the trade will be combined with the expertise of Autosheen professional car cleaning.

Along with maintaining the first rate levels of its business and service, Farcela is eagerly looking forward to the aggressive expansion of Autosheen. There is talk of heavy investment in the promotion as well as the strategic expansion of the Autosheen brand.
In addition to all this, Farcela has gone on air stating that once it has set its feet strongly and established itself well, it has something on offer for the existing franchise owners. It will train new franchise owners as well as existing ones on how to best use Farcela’s products. This will ensure that profitability increases greatly.

Ambitious as it may seem, the partnership is great news for new franchise owners who will be joining the business. As the two partners are looking to solidify their positions in the market, this will provide better incentives and opportunities to franchise owners who will be looking to be a pioneer in the field of automotive valeting.