#Autosheen franchise continues to thrive

Successful mobile valeting franchise Autosheen Professional Car Care has managed to secure a contract with Streetcar Pay-as-you-go Car Club. The car club is growing fast and is expected to be a strong partner for the valeting franchise.

When they were looking for a partnership, Streetcar only wanted the best because they knew that their clients would expect their vehicles to be in the best condition.

They were looking for quality, enthusiasm and passion and they were all things they could find with the Autosheen franchise.

Autosheen were delighted to be asked to do the job and they are looking forward to their franchise growing as Streetcar’s does.

That’s not the only success for Autosheen though because the company have also celebrated renewing their contract with More Th>n which involves Autosheen giving a free valet to any customer that renewed their insurance with More Th>n.

The reason that Autosheen has enjoyed such success is because of its strong franchisee structure which really makes it stand out from the competition.

And with such success for Autosheen in recent times, it is expected that they will be looking for new franchisees across the country to help them grow.