#Autosmart expands its franchise network

Recently, many new franchisees have joined Autosmart International which is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vehicle products. This company has a franchise in almost all areas in the UK and many people are attracted to Autosmart.

Michelle Williams, the franchise recruitment manager said that the present economic conditions have played one of the most important roles in boosting franchising in UK. Most of the people who they have interviewed said that they are not confident about job security. This uncertainty in the job has prompted them to go for a franchise which will minimise the risk.

He also said that all potential franchisees are attracted towards Autosmart because they are established and were awarded the Franchisor of the Year in 2008. So the franchisees like to be a part of a successful firm and Autosmart is offering them a good business opportunity.

He further stated that the franchisees who work with them are from different backgrounds and most of them have never been involved in selling. He said that their franchise is not about management, so they are not worrying about the managerial skills. Autosmart is a great franchise opportunity for people who enjoy doing business.