#Autosmart network nearing completion

In 2009, a record number of fresh franchisees have joined Autosmart International, one of the UK’s leading vehicle cleaning product suppliers. This has taken the franchise’s network in the UK to near capacity with just a few territories still available. Michelle Williams, the franchise recruitment manager, puts the attention down to many factors. The present economic atmosphere has provided a major boost to franchising.

Many people are now either concerned about their job security or have already been made redundant. This doubt has encouraged them to look for means of seizing control over their working life, while minimising risk. Franchising often offers the ideal solution.

Potential franchisees are mainly attracted by the fact that it is an established franchise which was awarded the Franchisor of the Year title in 2008 by the BFA. Everybody likes to be part of a success story and the honour of Franchisor of the Year further helps to assure curious people that an Autosmart franchise is a good business opportunity.

The best part of franchising is that it does not require any previous experience. Autosmart also said that their franchisees come from different backgrounds and that most of them have never sold anything before. This is not a big issue as they have more than thirty years of experience teaching new franchisees.

Autosmart franchisees take a completely stocked mobile supermarket to the consumer and develop regular repeat business. This is easier than selling via a catalogue and provides cost savings and significant advantages to the consumer.