#Ayton Global Research CEO participates in LA Looks’ beauty product launch

Ayton Global Research (AGR), the international online consumer research facility, established in 1995, has enhanced its brand image with its CEO, Sue Ayton being invited to the launch of a beauty product it tested.

LA Looks has introduced its new detox inch loss home body wrap which was tested by AGR in several trials it conducted to substantiate LA Looks’ long term claims of its beauty product.

AGR provides consumer trials for cosmetics and toiletries and also offers comprehensive consumer research in cosmetic, food and drink business areas. The research on LA Looks Home Detox Body Wrap proved that more than 85% of respondents experienced instant inch loss within one hour. The AGR trial also established that over 98% of people surveyed by it maintained or gained inch loss on a specific body area within three weeks.

Sue Ayton, expressing her delight on being part of the launch, disclosed that she was her clients’ secret persuader. She commented that to be in the midst of 200 beauty and health journalists in a room was a daunting task for her. She acknowledged that talking to journalists was a rewarding experience for her since the journalists liked AGR’s approach to trials of products and the quality of data those trials produced. She claimed that many journalists volunteered themselves for future trials.