#Baskin Robbins are moving up in the ice cream world

It’s a busy time for the Baskin Robbins franchise as Morrison’s supermarkets are now stocking their ice creams. Some Blockbuster stores are also stocking the ice creams.

There are 6000 ice cream stores and cafes across 35 countries and the franchisee is continuing to grow.

The ice cream has been available in smaller shops such as Londis, but the move to stock the sweet treats in Morrisons is a big turning point for the franchise. With this new move, the franchise will be competing with some of the industry’s biggest players including Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs and Wall’s.

This will bring the franchise into the spotlight as it competes with some of the big names in the industry.
The company already claims to be the largest ice cream franchise in the world but with this six month deal signed with Morrisons, the franchise is set to get a lot bigger.

And the sign that it is already on its way is the news that it is launching a new multi million dollar advertising campaign in America. The new advert will promote the June flavour of the month and will feature animated characters.

There’s a lot going on for this ice cream franchise this year; let’s just hope they can keep cool under the pressure.