#Become an NIC franchise owner and work the hours that suit you

Since joining NIC, Brian Pestana is able to spend quality time with his family. He has also enjoyed building a profitable business which he can call his own. During the initial year with NIC, Brian Pestana effectively doubled the size of his franchise based in the West Midlands by acquiring the business of nearby franchise owners, increasing his yearly turnover to £200,000 during the process.

Brian said that he operates the business along with his wife Carola. He also said that they were really delighted that they had opted to work for themselves, as for the very first time, they had complete control over their life/work balance. Before joining NIC, Brian used to work as a Managing Director. However, he was extremely tired of working for a corporate office for long hours. While working for long hours, he was hardly able to spend quality time with his family and so he and his wife decided to start-up their own business.

The couple opted for franchising as it was the best route that would provide them with much needed support and the image of an established company. This would not have been possible while starting up a new business. NIC, the commercial cleaning franchise, immediately caught their attention as it was the trustworthy and established management investment opportunity that would enable them to focus on administering the business rather than actually cleaning.