##Best Conference Yet For Aspray
[Aspray](/archive/aspray/aspray-franchise.php) held its 10th Anniversary National Conference on May 28 and 29 at Crewe Hall in Cheshire. The two-day conference was packed with franchisees, guest speakers, presentations, with a special appearance from some fabulous singing waiters! Such an event provides the network with an insight into how top performing franchisees operate their businesses, learning from each other and building relationships within the network.

On the evening of May 28, Aspray recognised their franchisees` great accomplishments, with an awards ceremony and dinner. The conference was a huge success and the network were delighted at how enjoyable the event was.

Aspray`s franchisees commented on the spectacular event: “I have been to many National Conferences both with previous franchise businesses, commented Jonathan Thompson. Also corporate conferences on a much bigger scale, and I have to congratulate you and your team for all the hard work in making the Aspray Conference a really enjoyable and informative event.”

Roy Bowen noted: “A very professionally organised and implemented event. Informative, constructive yet not officious. Focussed and enjoyable. Sociable, friendly and business like.”

Richard Montgomery said: “The conference was an inspiration. It is also such a great opportunity to meet with franchisees old and new to discuss all the various facets of our work.”

Paul Clucas remarked: “Fantastic couple of days! I have learned lots from everyone. I have got to meet and know lots of fellow franchisees. I have already revised my plan of action from the tips given at the event and am even more motivated than before.”
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