#Besure Debt Solutions - The Latest Franchise Opportunity from Besure Direct for only £1,995

Following on from the astounding success of the Besure Direct Home Insurance franchise model, Besure Direct have launched a new low cost opportunity designed for people with small investment capital but big ambitions.

Besure Debt Solutions has been trialled with their associate partners for the past few months and is finally ready for release to the right candidates. The idea behind it is very simple as Heidi Evans, Operations Manager for Besure Direct explains: “We’re looking for driven, ambitious franchise owners who can lend a sympathetic ear to people struggling with personal debt issues. This is an industry where too many companies are looking to get in and make a quick profit from people’s misery without delivering on their promises. Our partners have worked in Debt Counselling and Advice for many years and are very clear about what they can and can’t do. We want to install that same ethic in our franchise owners and at the same time give them the opportunity to grow a major asset.”

So what about this low cost fee? How does it compare to other similar franchises? “Our fee is significantly lower than our competitors, with some of them charging in excess of £20,000 for what amounts to the same basic package. As we demonstrated with Besure Direct Insurance, the best way for us to grow our franchise network is to recruit the right people and support them in making a success of their business. By keeping our franchise fee low and keeping our profits inextricably tied to those of our franchise owner, we increase the pool of candidates we can pick from rather than limiting ourselves only to people who can generate massive investment capital. Like any business it requires hard work and determination to be successful and we want those qualities to be the determining factor in whether we take on a franchise owner rather than whether they can find a large franchise fee”.

If you want to train to be a qualified debt advisor with Besure Debt Solutions then read more information here and register your interest.