#Besure Direct Builds on Successful Franchise Recruitment Drive

Since launching its franchise opportunity in February this year Besure Direct, a franchisor specialising in home insurance franchises, has experienced a huge amount of success in recruiting new franchise owners.  The company is looking to build on this success and has introduced a new special offer to aid new franchise owners in their first months of trading.

In order to reduce its franchise owners’ overheads Besure Direct is currently offering all leads for free for the first six months of trading and keeping ongoing compliance costs down to under £300 per month.  This offer coupled with its low introductory franchise fee of £9,995 makes Besure Direct one of the cheapest franchises available on the market.

Heidi Evans, Operations Manager, explains the reasoning behind Besure Direct’s offer:  “In researching the concept behind franchising, we found that what concerned potential franchise owners the most was how to generate their clients.  It’s all very well having a great product, but its unless if you don’t know how to market it and most franchisors tend to be vague at best about how you go out there and make that first sale.  Our advantage in this market place has always been our clearly focused method of generating business, and by supplying that business for free for six months it greatly reduces the pressure on the franchise owner while giving them time and space to explore their own methods of building their business.”

Furthermore Besure Direct has not been as badly affected by the recession as some other industries, Heidi explains:  “This isn’t selling doubly glazing or trying to convince a customer to buy something they may or may not need.  Our franchise owners take something that the vast majority of the population are already paying for, give them real advice on the suitability of that product, and regularly save people money while providing something more closely matched with their needs.  The clients’ costs, short term and long term are often reduced rather than increased so our franchise owners are extremely well placed.”

Besure Direct is a simple business model and most new franchise owners keep their overheads low by trading from their own home.  According to Besure Direct profits range from £30,000 to £70,000 in the first year of trading and profits increase as clients renew they policy.