#Besure Direct Cuts Its Franchise Fee By 70%

Home insurance franchise Besure Direct is reducing its franchise fee by 70 per cent until the end of the year.  The company, which has recruited 17 new franchise owners over the last 10 months, is cutting its franchise fee to £2,995 + VAT  in order to make it affordable for a wider range of potential franchise owners.

Heidi Evans, Operations Manager for the Besure Direct group, said:  “With Christmas looming, we recognise that people have to look carefully at their priorities in terms of investing their capital.  The irony of that for us is that January is traditionally one of the best months in terms of profitability for our product with people taking the opportunity in the New Year to ensure they’re getting the most from their insurances.  Coupled with the fact that people will have new items in their home following the Christmas period, there is no better time to be in the business of making sure a client’s Home Insurance is both suitable and appropriately priced.  We want to be sure that we’re making the most of that by maintaining our substantial growth through the Christmas months and ensuring that our franchise owners are ready to hit the ground running for that bumper period.”