#Besure Direct franchise celebrates successful first year

With a low investment required and a proven business model, Besure Direct have gone from an amazing start in February 2009 to recruiting over 20 new franchisees. Besure Direct’s Head of Operations, Heidi Evans, said that the success of the franchise is down to many different factors.

Ms Evans said that their team had worked hard work to achieve this, and that when Besure Direct chose to go down the franchising route, they had a business model that worked well whilst giving people the opportunity to join their team.

She added that more than 1000 applicants had applied throughout the year, and that they feel that their success is largely down to their selection process. Instead of looking for masses of knowledge, they also looked at personalities and the kind of people they would like to work with.

They have taken on many people, from roofers to housewives to professional business people. Whilst some people have gone ahead and recruited staff themselves, others have started part time alongside their normal 9 to 5 job. Ms Evans further stated that they have kept an open mind and evaluated prospective franchisees based on who they are and not what they have done.

Besure Direct has one of the lowest initial investment requirements in the franchise market, which is one of the main reasons why they have become so popular.