#Besure Direct franchise offers special discount

Besure Direct is offering a special discount on their Home Insurance Franchise, which ends on the 31st December 2009.

The operating manager of Besure Direct, Heidi Evans, confirmed that they have received a great response to their offer, which is a great opportunity for potential franchisees who want to get involved in the business.

This year, Besure Direct have come up with several offers which have helped the franchise market to grow. These offers include low set up costs, excellent returns and minimal overheads.

Over the year, Besure Direct has maintained its flexibility with a new model which will help both full and part time franchisees.

Presently, Besure Direct is one of the few franchises who offer instant returns on investment and who also help in creating residual commissions.

If you want to buy a Besure Direct Home Insurance franchise then it would usually set you back around £9995, although until the 31st December it is being offered at a bargain price of only £2995.

One of the fantastic things about the Besure Direct is that it also has training programs which can greatly help new franchisees.