#Betterclean Services Improves Franchise Package For 2013

It’s a sad fact that more than half of all new businesses fail within two years of being set up. Most of those that survive don’t make it to their third birthday – fewer still to five years. “Starting and establishing a new business is extremely challenging,” commented Betterclean Services Managing Director and Founder, Dan van Kuyk.

“The problem is that with the UK economy in recent years and the lack of availability of bank funding, it has made things even more difficult for those who dream of being their own boss and deciding their own destiny, continued van Kuyk. However, investing in a successful franchise provides a significantly better chance of survival, of course.”

Although they are likely to have valuable skills and experience, van Kuyk said one area where many new business owners struggle is with marketing and sales: “More or less as soon as you start, you want to be able to attract customers and make sales if you are to establish and grow your new business. But that’s exactly where many people fall down – mostly because it’s something they haven’t had to do previously.”

Betterclean Services has a business development culture where ideas are continuously tested and proved to evolve the franchise package. van Kuyk concluded: “That’s why from January 2013, we’ll be bolting in a new 12-month start-up marketing package, amongst other additions. I know it’s support that those who want to join our network will welcome.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a while and we’ve funded the research and development. We’re more than happy to do that of course, because we’re confident it will help new members of the network get the start they need. The bolstered start-up package will provide practical advice, targeted local cross-channel promotional campaigns and related support to attract local customers – will be included in the overall Betterclean Services Franchise Package, there won’t be an additional charge.”

The package price includes everything a franchise owner needs to get set up and underway, and even covers the first three months of main business costs, so new franchise owners don`t have to worry about their cash flow too much in the early months of their new business’s life. The franchise package is priced at £32,000 + VAT, although you will need a total of £45,000 + VAT to allow for working capital while you establish your new business.