##Black Sapphire Sparkles Amongst Three New GT Colours
Black worktops are by far the most popular with UK customers of global kitchen and bathroom makeover experts, Granite Transformations. So the inclusion of Black Sapphire amongst three brand new worktop materials should go down well with homeowners, looking for the distinguished look of a diamond-polished solid black surface, which goes with most styles of kitchen, rustic or modern, and any choice of cabinet door.

New Black Sapphire takes the rich, deep, stylish appeal of black and highlights this with fragments of deep blue and mirror fleck. The second colour Royal Beige adopts another popular theme of neutral tones, adding a shimmer of beige, quartz, grey, silver flecks and mother of pearl. While the third newcomer, Pietra Serena, elegantly fades to grey, with a contemporary landscape of pale grey, misty browns and poinpoints of steel.
Granite Transformations’ current best sellers, Nero Stella and Black Star, reflect continued customer preference for premium black granite worktops; although appearances can be deceptive, because both are composite surfaces made from recycled raw materials and, although Nero Stella is granite based, Black Star is actually made from pre- and post-consumer recovered glass. The materials have the same hardness as natural granite, but are just a quarter-inch (6.7mm) thick, enabling them to be laid over existing worktops, seamless edge pieces creating a desirable chunky look. They are stain, scratch, heat and impact resistant and virtually maintenance free, unlike natural stone slab that requires regular sealing.

Granite Transformations’ latest Black Sapphire finish shares the same superior technical characteristics, including flexural strength equivalent to 5,000lbs per square inch once installed, and contains over 60% post-consumer recycled glass. This includes blue recovered glass and blue aventurina, the characteristics of these raw materials being taken into account at the design stage, to create a product that is outstanding in quality and finish.Royal Beige incorporates all the latest raw materials from the manufacturer’s repertoire, including recycled glass, recycled porcelain, recycled mirror and fine quartzite, blended with polymer resin for outstanding strength and durability. This muted colourway, with flecks of mirror that create a sparkling effect under halogen lighting, is perfect for today’s minimalist kitchens and bathrooms, teaming perfectly with cream or white acrylic doors and simple Shaker styles in alabaster, pear and lissa oak.

With Pietra Serena, Granite Transformations returns to its design roots, with a smoothly textured work surface made from recovered quartz, a natural mineral appreciated since prehistoric times, and finely grained quartzite, again highlighted with recycled mirror fleck for its reflective qualities. The light grey finish will work well in coastal and lakeside settings, reflecting the abundant natural light, and complements the matt door finishes, metallics and white ultragloss doors that are currently on trend.

As with all Granite Transformations makeover materials, these new products are fully installed by a local showroom and, in the case of work surfaces, backed by a lifetime material warranty. After precise measurements are taken in the customer’s home and templates prepared, the worktop overlays are fabricated off-site, then installed by expert fitters with no demolition, dust, debris or household disruption, most makeover jobs taking only a day or so.