#Bluebird Care’s Paul and Chris dedicate their victory to good turnover and employee retention

Paul Heylings and Chris Kendrick-Jones have picked up Bluebird Care’s Franchise Owner of the Year award. They were thrilled by their victory at an event held last year in Stratford. On this occasion, Chris stated that the main reason behind their success was the fact that they have very good turnover and are able to retain their staff successfully. He further stated that their franchise is always keen to help Bluebird Care by talking to prospective franchise owners and telling them about their experience working with Bluebird. Both Paul and Chris also awarded their staff a monetary bonus following this award.

Before becoming a franchise owner for Bluebird, both Paul and Chris owned a printing business. Due to this, they had to travel a great deal all over Europe. Chris states that both of them reached a point where they wanted to do something different and still be able to maintain a good inflow of income. This is exactly the time when they came to know about the care at home industry.

After a good meeting with Paul Tarsey, who is the managing director of Bluebird Care, they decided to make a commitment and opened a franchise in June 2007. After the induction, both Paul and Chris have only gone from strength to strength.