#Bluebird Care franchise invests in eco-friendly scooters

A branch of the care-at-home franchise, Bluebird Care, in Taplow is investing in some environmentally friendly scooters after the owners, Ian and Anne Inglis realised that they were having to rule out good applicants due to lack of personal transport.

Anne said:

Obviously our priority is to recruit care workers who can offer high standards of care, in a friendly, empathetic and ultimately professional way. However, we became increasingly aware that some applicants were unemployed through no fault of their own, and their job prospects were hampered by not having transport. We`ve worked with the local JobCentre, and have now invested in two scooters, so lack of transport is not an automatic ban to being a Bluebird Care worker. The scooters have the further benefit of being environmentally friendly and a cost-effective and quick way to reach our customers.

One staff member to have benefited is Diane Weston, who says she is grateful to have a scooter that has let her get back into work. She also points out that it means she is more likely to be in time for appointments as she is not as vulnerable to traffic problems as if she were in a car.

Ian and Anne set up the franchise last year. Ian’s mum had benefited from care at home and the couple wanted to contribute.