It’s a busy time for Bluebird Care franchise because they have recently been getting involved in National Carers’ Week.

The care at home franchise paid tribute to the six million unsung hero carers in Britain during National Carers’ Week and supported the idea that they need more support.

The franchise wanted to highlight the fact that there are thousands of people across the country providing essential care for their loved ones and the commitment they show is astonishing.

It’s the tenth year of National Carers’ Week and the theme this year is A Life of My Own. The idea of this is to highlight the challenges that carers face and to call for an improvement to the information that they have access to, the chance for them to have a break and financial support when it’s needed.

There are 75 Bluebird Care franchises across the country providing care and support with 45,000 care visits each month. The franchise helps people and families that require health care and ensures that people who need live in support receive it.

It’s a successful that thousands of families rely upon to keep their loved ones safe and cared for.