#Bluebird Care opens second office

Allen Willey was one of the first care workers who worked with Sue Milakovic when she started the Bluebird Care franchise in April 2007. Now, just 3 years on, Sue has challenged the recession and is all geared up to set her second office in Stafford. She has also promoted Allen to Care Manager.

Allen’s rise is largely due to his own ambition and drive - in addition to Bluebird Care’s investment in staff development and training. Allen has also worked in the care industry for around 17 years.

Allen said that he has been given a lot of support and opportunities since he joined Bluebird Care, and they also funded his NVQ Level 4 Management qualification. He continued to say that he is looking forward to heading up the care team when the new office opens in the spring.

Paul Tarsey, Managing Director of Bluebird Care, said that Allen and Sue have come a long way in the past 3 years, and that both of them are a credit to Bluebird Care. He went on to wish them luck in their venture.

The new office, which will be situated on the Staffordshire Technology Park in Stafford, will also be creating around 30 new jobs in the area.