#Bluebird comments on the state of social care in the UK

Bluebird Care, UK’s care-at-home provider revealed that they have received various enquiries regarding the future of social care in the UK.
The Bluebird Care franchise, which has 74 offices in the UK and Ireland, believe that more people need to understand the importance of these care services.

Paul Tarsey, Managing Director of Bluebird Care, said that the present care system in UK is complex, and there are not many options available for those who need to use it. However, with the help of the media, people are getting a clearer view of the various services that are currently being offered.

Mr Tarsey added that they have received several calls already this year from people who are looking for different care options. In addition to this, they also received enquires from people who were thinking about opening a care-at-home franchise.

When Paul was interviewed on BBC Newsnight, he shared his views on the future of social care in England. Simon Dalziel, the director of Bluebird Care, was also interviewed and said that Bluebird provide the best services to both the public sector and individuals.

Bluebird Care has many satisfied customers, and are known for offering an unrivalled level of service.