##Bluestones Logistics Joins Freight Transport Association
Marian Butterworth and Ken Rush, Managing Director and Director of [Bluestones Logistics](/archive/bluestones-logistics/bluestone-logistics-franchise.php) respectively, have joined the North West Council of the Freight Transport Association (FTA). The FTA is one of the most influential trade and industry bodies in the UK. As well as keeping its members fully informed and updated on all matters, which may affect them, their operations and businesses, the organisation also lobbies the government and representative bodies on behalf of the industry.

Operating in a niche recruitment market, Bluestones Logistics offers both the opportunity for ambitious and hungry recruitment professionals to open their own franchise, as well as placing drivers and logistics personnel, in roles with a variety of clients. Being members of the FTA Council offers vital insight to Bluestones Logistics as it continues to expand into different offices and franchises across the UK. Being aware of industry amendments and changes, ahead of times means offering the best possible service, to both clients and candidates.

Rush said: “It was a conscious move by Bluestones Logistics to become a member of the association, however, we didn’t just want to pay `lip service` with our membership, but wanted to play an active role within the organisation. Being a supplier of temporary drivers to the industry we wanted to be able to demonstrate to our clients, drivers and the industry in general of our continuing commitment as an ethical and compliant service provider.

“By being on the council we are ensuring we will always be abreast of incoming legislation and directives from both the UK Government, its Departments and the EU, which will effect both our drivers and clients. We are now in a position to brief drivers of all impending legislation which will affect them in the course of their normal duties well before it comes into force.”

The Bluestones Group offers a platform designed to help budding entrepreneurs make the transition between dream and reality. With back office support for HR, accounts, systems and process, marketing, and web, the Group is able to help potential partners to achieve their vision.
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