#Brit lands top job at fast food franchise

If there’s one franchise network that allows its employees to thrive, it’s McDonalds. And the news has been announced that a Brit has become a key player over in America.

It has been announced that Steve Easterbrook will be the new global brand supremo. Having worked on the UK side of the franchise for the last four years, this is a big step for him to take.

Steve will be based in Chicago and in this role, he will be one of the eight top bosses of the Franchise and will be crowned the highest ranked person in the Franchise ever, to have come from Britain.

His next logical step would be to take over from the chief executive when he retires, but for now, Steve is simply pleased to be taking on the new role. In fact, he played down the speculation that he might take the top job, simply saying: ‘This is a massive role and what will be will be’.

The high flyer is credited with completely transforming the franchise in England by introducing salads and sliced apples to the fast food chain. It remains to be seen what he has planned for the American market.