#Buckinghamshire Care Provider Now In Line to Provide Care and Support Service to Children and Young People with Disabilities

Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe), a home care provider in Buckinghamshire, has recently signed a Preferred Provider Contract with Bucks Social Services to provide care and support to children and young people. The service will be giving specialist care and support to young individuals living at home, who have physical and/or learning disabilities, behavioural difficulties, or other special needs, some of which may be life limiting.

Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe) will commence provision of Care services to this very vulnerable sector of society this week thus providing valuable support to another ‘in need’ sector of their local community. Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe) has worked hard over the preceding months building and training a specialist team of care workers who will be responsible for providing the care and support to their young customers.

“We are extremely pleased that our planning and preparation for provision of care in this complex area has borne fruit and we are excited about expanding our quality services to one of the most vulnerable sections of society,” commented Janis Anderson, MD Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe).

Having registered earlier in the summer with the Care Quality Commission to provide care for children, Caremark (Aylesbury & Wycombe) are looking forward to adding this specialist service to their growing portfolio of customers.

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