#Card Connection franchise is getting bigger and better

Card Connection is a popular publisher and franchisor of greetings cards. The franchisees of Card Connection, Dave and Di Tudor own franchises in the Hereford and Worcestershire regions. They declared that they are expanding their territory to include Stratford-upon-Avon.

With this expansion, the numbers of outlets that sell Card Connection greetings cards have gone up from 220 to around 300. Di Tutor said that no business should come to a halt, they should always move ahead. He continued to say that when their adjoining franchise region became available, they saw the potential to develop their business. They are looking forward to expanding quickly as Christmas is just around the corner.

Card Connection is very famous in the UK and they are one of the biggest card publishers in the country.
Moreover, they are also the number one franchised distributors of greeting cards, making them the market leaders. The latest news is that Card Connection has vacancies for franchisees. However, there are only limited vacancies available. They are looking for people who are interested in running and expanding their business further. The business is sure to see a wealth of applicants, all wanting to share the success of this popular franchise company.