#Card Connection franchisees now supplying Voltz energy drink

Voltz International recently announced that wholesale giant Palmer & Harvey, will be supplying the popular health energy shot, Voltz. Terms of the agreement will see Voltz delivered to 3,500 Palmer & Harvey outlets across the UK and Northern Ireland.

CEO of Voltz International, Rob Arnold, confirmed that the company’s recent deal with card franchise company, Card Connection will see the Voltz energy shot supplied to numerous Palmer & Harvey stores. The energy shot will also be merchandised throughout a network of around 100 franchises within the UK. Mr Arnold added that the stock will be delivered to stores on a consignment basis. This is a very attractive for retailers as they would only have to pay for the stock that they sell.

Voltz is a healthy energy shot that has taken the UK by storm. It consists of amino acids, complex Vitamin B, 50mg of caffeine and contains just 3 calories. As it doesn’t contain any sugar, it is an ideal alternative to traditional caffeine and sugar filled energy drinks.

Manager of Palmer & Harvey Plus Extra, Simon Harris, said that the company had heard a great deal about Voltz, and that they were very impressed with the product’s proactive marketing support and strong brand. This made the shot an attractive choice for their direct-to-store outlets.