##Card Connection Keeps Customers Happy with New Humour Mini Range
Leading greeting card publisher and franchisor, Card Connection, has announced it has launched a new humour mini-range. The six new card designs have a broad appeal and are now available across the UK in the retail outlets supplied by Card Connection’s network of franchisees.

“We anticipate people will be smiling when they see our innovative new designs as there is something for everyone,” confirmed Michael Johnson, Managing Director, Card Connection. “The range has a common feel and the cards are packed with white envelopes, to really help their blocking effect when on display. Also, they are completely closed wrapped as they don’t need to be opened to read the punchline.“The range features two generic designs: the first is called ‘Housework Help,’ and the second, ‘Hip Operation’ which is an age-related visual gag that will appeal to a younger person sending to an older person, or even a senior to senior send,” continued Johnson. “In addition, there are female and male cards based on jokes about the fear of spiders and one about football tactics. Two, more risqué humour designs complete the range, one of which uses the visual pun of trying to convey ‘Bangkok’ during a game of charades, that will have men up and down the land wincing at the mere thought!

“Our in-house team is committed to creating the most up-to-date and fresh ideas for greetings card designs and we have new releases on a weekly basis,” explained Johnson. “Our new humour mini-range is a fun addition to any retail display and we anticipate good sales from this product line which will certainly keep our franchisees and retail customers happy.”
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