#Card Connections franchise owner increases sales by 20%

One of Card Connections’ franchise owners has gained an increase in sales of 20 percent during the last year. The Durham, Berwick and Sunderland Card Connections territory, which is one of the biggest of the franchise, is owned by Andy Thompson and Vicki, his wife. The duo described their success as a continuous team effort which was aimed at introducing new retail customers to the franchise.

When asked how they managed to expand their customer base they said that by networking and word of mouth they introduced themselves to local shop owners and managers and a few store managers. Along with this, they plan to follow-up within 24 hours the leads that are provided by the company’s head office.

Card Connection’s Sales and Franchise Director, Andrew Cutler, said that since Andy and Vicki joined the company in 2004, the two have managed to develop their area and in the space of three years have doubled their franchise’s size. This has led them to become one of the first Platinum franchise owners in Card Connections.

Even with their large franchise territory, the two have continued to expand their business and currently work with over 300 retailers who are supplying greeting cards from Card Connections.