#Caremark E Learning – A Quality Educational Tool

Since Caremark launched the E Learning Mandatory Training for care and support workers last year, we have made great strides with our on-line training system. Many offices have now bought their own licences for our E Learning Mandatory Training course and it is working well.

E Learning for the care workers Induction Course covering the Mandatory Training has been around for a while, but all the existing models are aimed at training care staff who are working within a residential care setting, rather than a home care environment. This particularly applies to the sections on Medication Training, Fire Safety Training and First Aid Training. This is a known barrier in training, with trainers focussing on `medication trolleys`, `fire escapes` etc. all of which are inappropriate in the home care setting. However, by Caremark producing this E Learning Training Course suitable for use within the home care sector, we have demonstrated yet again that we are a company which is forward thinking, moving with the times and clearly reflecting the various changes that unfold within the Care sector as they happen. In other words we have made and are still making significant strides when it comes to equipping our care and support workers with the best in training, ready to meet the diverse needs of an evolving market.

To date, we are the only care company to have our own branded E Learning. The system is constantly developing and will be refreshed as needed, with the use of extra features if they are appropriate to the training. One of these features would be animated pictures of hoist procedures, giving the learner a clear and precise ‘visual’ on the procedure itself.

Induction for Supporting Children
March 1 2013 marked the launch of the Induction for Supporting Children on the Caremark E Learning system. Franchisees will be able to buy licences from March 4. One of the many benefits of this system is that buyers are able to put in a mixed order, providing the total number of licences is not less than 10.

Learning within both the Caremark E Learning models is complex but comprehensive. There is no compromise on quality – simply a move to place training into a different arena. One of the main obstacles for Trainers to overcome is to actually get care workers into the Training Room…. the very nature of their work makes this difficult, as the times most suitable for Trainers to run their courses are usually the times when care workers are out in the field, supporting their clients. By providing an electronic method of learning, we are offering greater flexibility all round. Care and support continues 24 hours a day, so by providing 24-hour learning, we reach all our care workers. People are thus free to work at a time to suit their schedule and maximise learning opportunities.
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