#Chemex franchise gave Margaret and Stephen a lot of free time to spend with their daughter

Margaret and Stephen Crinks decided to become self-employed after the birth of their daughter. This move was preceded by the fact that they wanted to spend some more quality time with their daughter while she was growing up. At this time, they undertook research and after two years of looking around, zeroed in on Chemex which is a cleaning product supplying franchise.

Now, after 17 years of owning a Chemex franchise, both Margaret and Stephen are hugely successful franchise owners with 250 repeat clients on their list. Margaret states that neither she, nor Stephen had any experience of running a franchise. They both were from vastly different professional backgrounds. Margaret also adds that training and the support of a large franchise network offered by Chemex really made their starting years with the franchise, a lot easier.

Chemex really worked for Stephen and Margaret because their business model included replacement of hygiene and essential cleaning products for established clients from time to time. As such a requirement is quite fundamental, it also withstood the impact of the recession very well.

Margaret and Stephen quickly built their business after their understanding increased and were awarded the Chemex Franchise of the Year award in 1995.