#Chemical cleaning company Chemex to be expanded to Hull

It seems like this is the ideal time for franchises to be expanding their businesses. Two entrepreneurs from Doncaster have planned to expand their Chemex franchise by adding a regional office in Sheffield and opening a brand new service centre in Hull.

John Heslop, a former mining mechanical engineer, launched the hygiene and cleaning supply franchise business about nine years ago. He then brought his mining colleague, Keith Nutton into the business about three years ago when an expansion programme was launched.

Heslop said that many businesses are finding the current economical times to be really brutal. However, places like East Yorkshire and Hull are currently offering their business and products tremendous opportunities. He also said that the type of franchise that they run is extremely recession proof. This is because they offer products and services that are not simply luxuries that people can do without; instead they are everyday necessities.

From establishing its original base in Hatfield, Heslop and Nutton built up their Chemex franchise business that has its operations in Street Sheffield, Eldon, Melton and Hull and a yearly turnover of £ 330,000. The growth of the firm has been fuelled due to its keenness to provide extra services like consultancy, training and specialist advice.

Nutton said that the franchise outlet realised customers did not want a cleaning products supplier. The business has responded to this by providing a specialised service that offers training and advice in hygiene and health control and free onsite surveys.