#ChipsAway to promote its services in a new way

It has been announced that an important television campaign will start soon which will focus on the services of one of the UK’s fastest-growing franchise operations. ChipsAway, a motor bodywork repair company is supporting 350 of its franchisees all over Britain with a commercial that will be shown on cable channels and satellite.

Company boss, Lloyd Evans said that they have already witnessed new business leads during the first five months of the year which was up by 68% compared to the same time last year. The company wants to continue marketing the ChipsAway brand to as large an audience as possible.

The firm believes that the commercial will bring its franchisees a lot more business. ChipsAway functions from professionally outfitted vehicles that are customised as workshops completely equipped for all kinds of jobs. Evans said that they travel to repair small paintwork scratches, dents and bumper scuffs and even car paintwork at locations that customers choose for very little cost compared to traditional bodyshop methods.

The commercial campaign will probably be the first of its kind from a franchise of its size and may even prove to be a vital way for other companies to attract customers in the future. Evans, however, refuses to disclose the amount ChipsAway is spending on the campaign but believes it will increase business substantially.