##Colourfence Doubles Sales In 18 Months
Sales of Colourfence`s unique `fit and forget` boundary fencing have doubled in the last 18 months. Made from innovative Colorbond steel – high-tensile, durable and with an anti-corrosive coating that will not rust – the product has been snapped up by homeowners searching for a maintenance-free and weatherproof alternative to timber fencing.

Developed in Australia, and accounting for 40% of the marketplace in Australia, Colourfence was launched into the UK more than a decade ago. Now manufactured in South Wales, all surveys and installations are handled by a network of more than 40 locally owned franchises.

One of the latest franchisees to join, Bolton-based Steve Beaumont, picked up six sales in his first three weeks: “I was attracted to Colourfence as its an exciting business model with brilliant USPs. I couldn`t have asked for a better start. There are great people behind this business, and the whole launch process has been superb. I`m loving every minute of it!”

Seasoned franchisees are also seeing an upturn in sales - Richard McDonald from Colourfence North London has doubled his turnover, while James Hunter from Buckinghamshire, who joined back in 2005, is up 150% year-on-year. Total retail sales are just below £3.5 million for the year.

Company founder, Mark Stewart-Woods, is not surprised the nation has taken to Colourfence, and believes it is even more suited to our damp climate. “This product is a household name in Australia and it soon will be here in the UK as well,” commented Stewart-Woods. “With timber fences lasting just a few years before they rot and collapse, customers are crying out for a long-lasting substitute. Colourfence is guaranteed to remain unspoiled for 25 years. Whats more, it also withstands gusts of up to 130mph – so will still be standing after every winter storm.”
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