#Commercial cleaning franchise Jani King surviving the recession

It seems that the commercial cleaning sector, which is an essential one at the moment, is one of the few that is managing to deal with the recession. Jani King, the commercial cleaning franchise, is witnessing an increase in the growth of its business from the market’s top end ‘blue chip’ segment.

GB chairman of Jani King, Ian Thomas, said that national networks like franchises were being strengthened due to the various changes being experienced in the industry. This has mainly been possible due to the increasing contracts with many other sites where the franchise is already the preferred supplier and because even in a competitive environment it has been able to win contracts amongst ‘blue chip’ companies.

Examples of Jani King’s success can be seen in the increase in service to 85 of the 112 Odeon Cinemas; and at H&M Hennes where the franchise has successfully restructured the service level with the client to offer them savings. This type of balanced negotiation requires flexibility from the customer and the supplier.

It is simply impractical for customers to demand cost savings, especially during the current recession. Without a balanced negotiation, customers may push suppliers into unreasonable contracts that may result in suppliers going out of business or compel them to operate illegally, which would include paying employees below the legal minimum wage level.