#David Cameron opens new Martin & Co franchise office

Tory leader David Cameron took time out from his election battle recently, when he opened a new office for letting agents Martin & Co in Witney.

The new office will be run by couple Judi and Andrew Ramsay, who have a great background and extensive experience in the property industry.

The couple previously ran a company in Spain, named Valencia Choice, which has set them up nicely for their franchise venture, which they opted for when they came back to England were looking for fresh opportunities.

Mrs Ramsay explained:

“We have had considerable experience as landlords ourselves and are well aware of the generally poor level of service offered by other agents.
“Attention to detail, working with landlords & tenants as individuals, and striving to match their requirements to the property, should ensure that we will build a reputation for customer service that will establish Martin & Co as the agent of choice in Witney.”

Martin & Co have offices all over the UK, but the company and the Ramsay’s reassured locals that the office would be run locally and would be a great addition to the thriving community.