#Dolly Char Up Up Up!

Listening to David Cameron’s recent speech at the close of the Conservative Party`s Annual Conference - his quotes of what is now on the “up, up, up” in various different parts of the British economy, in response to Ed Ball’s “down, down, down” over the past few years, has made Robin Harrison think about Dolly Char’s performance since the ‘banking crash’ a few years ago.

Harrison continues: Our original Dolly Char agency, that is operate 100% ourselves, has increased its turnover by over 100%, our customer base is ‘up’ greatly, our profit margins are massively ‘up’, our franchised outlets are ‘up’ by 400%, franchisee success is massively up. However, unlike David Cameron we do still have a few ‘downs’ to report also, as due to Dolly Char’s increased and continued success, our package fee continues to be reduced ‘down’ by over £1,000. New business launch time is ‘down’ by 50%, available territories are also DOWN, and still falling, as new franchisees come on board, so hurry and register your interest before it is to late.