#Domestic help franchise, Caremark, gets new franchise manager

One of the UK’s most successful franchises, Caremark, has a new franchise manager who will take care of the continuous development of the group. Chris Wandel, who has been appointed as a franchise manager, said that a number of things attracted him to the franchise post that was put forth by the founder of Caremark, Kevin Lewis. These were the company’s family culture, the brand’s mission statement and the overall outlook.

He also said that Caremark is currently one of the best domestic care providers in the UK and offers excellent franchising opportunities. The company is looking to get the right people on board since the sector is growing continuously. Wandel added that this opportunity would allow him to make a good contribution to the society through his working life at the franchising company.

Wandel previously worked with a legal firm that dealt with FTSE100 companies in professional outsourcing. But although he is new to the franchising industry, he will bring a lot of skills when it comes to organisation and developing strong relationships. Wandel stated that very few people realise that franchising is a great way to start a business with a brand that has been established and the required guidance for managing that business.

One of his most important aims is getting at least one of two franchise owners on board every month. He said that this could be achieved without the company losing its focus of providing customers with a responsive service.