The world has gone football made and it seems that everywhere you look, there is another promotion related to the World Cup. Every chocolate bar, crisp packet and sandwich has a promotion related to football on it these days and the Domino’s Pizza franchise is no different.

It has unveiled a new World Cup campaign which will feature across TV, radio, social media and in-game. The TV advert was first used before the England game against the USA. Viewers were encouraged to order a Domino’s Pepperoni Passion pizza before the game started so that they could have it delivered at half time. Radio adverts will also run during the game.

On the last day of the World Cup, Domino’s will use it’s in-game advertising campaign to take over all advertising and sponsorship spots in Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on the Play Station 3.

Domino’s will also alert their Facebook fans to competitions to win free pizza vouchers, a pizza party and discount codes.

It’s a strong campaign which is bound to be effective for the pizza franchise – a franchise which is always looking for innovative ways to communicate with customers.

The World Cup is the perfect platform for Domino’s to use as fans across the country settle down to watch the games with a pizza.