#Domino’s Pizza sees World Cup boost in business

Domino’s Pizza had a good World Cup campaign, even if England didn’t. A major advertiser during the tournament, Domino’s saw a 13.7 per cent increase in sales in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. This led to a 28.6 per cent rise in profit.

Domino’s also sponsor Britain’s Got Talent, which is also thought to have helped improve performance. However, chief executive, Chris Moore, was quick to play down the impact:

“It is easy to try and attribute our success to one thing - be it the weather, or Britain`s Got Talent, or the World Cup - but the underlying trend shows a more compelling picture.”

England’s match against Slovenia on June 23rd - England’s sole win - was the best for business, with 24,000 pizzas sold between 2pm and 5pm (the match kicked-off at 3pm).

Moore expressed disappointment that England couldn’t have stayed in the tournament for longer, but pointed out that at least four games was better than three.

The current Two for Tuesday promotion is also likely to have contributed to Domino’s recent success.