#Domino’s Pizza raises money for troops

You may think that Domino’s Pizza is simply a pizza franchise, but the armed forces know different. And that is because the Domino’s Pizza franchises across Edinburgh recently decided to raise money for the country’s troops.

Each Domino’s Pizza store in the city has donated £1, from each Mexican Sizzler pizza that they have sold, to the armed forces. This donation happened over three days and was a way in which to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

This is a day when the whole country honours those who have fought for them and Domino’s Pizza wanted to do their bit to show their appreciation for the forces. They hoped with this scheme, they could raise more than £500 for the troops.

Domino’s Pizza chose one of their most popular pizzas, the Mexican Sizzler in the hope that they would raise the most amount of money possible.

This type of scheme just goes to show how powerful a franchise can be. Whereas a single business may struggle to raise a significant amount of money for a worthy cause, a franchise can ensure that money is raised from a number of stores across the country; meaning that they can really help out good causes such as the armed forces.