#Drain Doctor Plumbing comes up with unique water harvesting programme

Drain Doctor Plumbing, a plumbing and drainage service provider in the UK, has enhanced the incentives offered to its customers. The franchise holders will soon implement the rain harvesting function thanks to Drain Doctor Plumbing.

Rain harvesting is a modern water percolation arrangement in which the customers can preserve and gather rain water or flowing water for future use. The setup can also be used to retain and re-use waste water. This helps the users to save water and therefore money. The entire arrangement is environmentally-friendly and cost-saving too.

Drain Doctor Plumbing franchises can now install this unique setup at various places. The harvesting system can be implemented with the help of a pump which can reverse the water collected from the rooftops. The water can be used for domestic cleaning purposes, as well as for gardening and in washrooms.

A rain harvesting system can also be implemented to collect extra water or waste water stored in washing equipment and kitchen sinks. The franchise owners will be solely responsible for carrying out the entire process right from the installation to the implementation.

This service is sure to aid a great number of customers. Customers can contact the responsible authorities pertaining to any queries or problems. This setup will also aid the environment as it is solely based on the principle of water saving and re-using.