#Dream Doors franchise helped Allan James become his own boss

Allan James was working as an engineering manager at a food factory before he decided to open a Dream Doors franchise and get control of his own life. Allan recalls that once their factory got taken over by a new firm, people were being laid-off and the atmosphere was of deep distrust. At this particular time, Allan got really frustrated with his job and decided that it was time that he took charge of his own financial life. Allan and his son Glyn then decided to open a Dream Doors franchise.

Allan states that both he and his son had no prior experience of running a business. Dream Doors appealed to this father-son duo because of its unique business model and its ability to provide a comprehensive support package. They also liked the fact that Dream Doors did not indulge in any form of cold-calling and instead waited for its prospective customers to call-in for their services.

Once Allan and Glyn, decided to open a Dream Doors franchise, they were put through a comprehensive training program. This included various manuals which shed light on the ways in which one can make their Dream Doors franchise successful. Allan recently opened their own Dream Doors franchise showroom and the credibility of their business has been constantly rising since then.